Forest Characters

Gary trained for this part in the back of a laundry room, where his talent was noticed by Ms Taylor.
Other performances Gary has starred in are as Hamlet's father in "Hamlet" (2008), and Tranio in "Taming of the Shrew" (2009).
Gary grew up in the small town of Kilkeel. It wasn't easy. He had to learn to fight to be the Alpha. During one of his fights when he was hit in the ribs, he gave out this beautiful, harmonised sound- it was then he decided he wanted to be an actor. From then, Gary hooked up with Tom Cruise, who taught him his ways.
Gary would like to dedicate his performance to Rocky Balboa, who inspired him to fight and act.

Rachel has taken singing lessons in musical theatre with Fil Campbell for four years. In school she studied with music teacher Mr Kincaid.
She has appeared in K.H.S: Munchkin in “Wizard of Oz” (2006), Chorus in “South Pacific” (2007). Chorus in “Pirates of Penzance” (2008), a Dynamite in “Hairspray” (2009) S.S.F: a Lady in “Hamlet” (2008) and a lady in “Taming of a Shrew” (2009) This is Rachel’s 3rd Shakespeare performance, as main character Titania.
Rachel is now 18 years old. She lives at home with her two brothers, two cats, one dog and a mum. She loves them all. And she loves fruit!
She sends her hugs to Nichola Gordon as she appears on stage tonight.
This is Rachel’s last year performing in the Shakespeare Schools Festival and she will miss it very much. “Shakespeare rules!”

William studies with Ms Taylor, Mr Cowan, Mrs McAtee, Mrs Holmes, Mr Chestnutt and Mr Bingham. (A.K.A his A-Level teachers!)
He is also trained in the language of love. “Call me!” he adds. *Wink wink*
His past productions include in S.S.F: Gremio in “Taming of the Shrew” (2009) in K.H.S: Chorus in “South Pacific” (2007), Fredric in “Pirates of Penzance” (2008) and Seaweed in “Hairspray” (2009)
William recently stood in as Taylor Lautner’s stunt double for the new “Twilight” film. In his spare time, William runs up mountains ‘for the craic.’ And sometimes to catch sheep...
This one is for Mr Bingham, “I lul bbz.”

Romaine trained in the Posie Gilsonen School of Speech and Drama, Rostrevor. She appeared as Mary in “The Nativity” (2001), Prancer “A Christmas Carol (2005) and Bonio “Cinderella” (2007.)
“A Midsummer Night Dream” is Romaine’s breakthrough in the world of performing arts as she appears as Titania (Rachel Ogle)’s fairy.
She has recently passed her grade 5 ballet with honours and successfully got through to the finals of the environmental Youthspeak last year- Congratulations Romaine! She also adds she would love to be an actress when she grows up.
She sends her love to her best friends Tara, Rebecca and Jade who are supporting her in the audience tonight.
Romaine would like to thank Mr Cowan and Ms Taylor for all their time and dedication to our performance. Enjoy the show!

James has been acting from an early age and has trained in Timothy’s School of Drama. (Audience may remember Priest Timmy from “Taming of the Shrew” (2009))
James’ other work includes portraying a policeman in K.H.S’s“Pirates of Penzance” in 2009.
He describes himself as ‘the awesome Irish guy from school.’ He also adds he’s the son of a preacher man!
James is thrilled to be making his Shakespeare debut in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”
This evening, James sends hugs and kisses to Avril, Matthew ‘Turkey’ Skillen and Ryan ‘J’ Wilson.

The Fairies